The Outpost | Young Life’s Saranac Village

Camp Director Ryan Silvius’s view:

“On an Adirondack Great Camp, Beckwith designed a structure that has dramatically improved camp operations and is a new model in our organization. The Outpost design strongly reflects camp’s original architecture. It looks like it might have been there for a hundred years but fully supports programming for today’s adolescents.” Ryan Silvius, Camp Director, Young Life’s Saranac Village, Saranac Lake, NY.


This lakeside cabana is a new structure added to the grounds of Prospect Point, an Adirondack Great Camp designed for Adolph Lewisohn by the Architect William L Coulter and built during 1903-04. The Outpost serves the waterfront activities for the camp’s current owner – Young Life. The inspiration for this structure was taken from a Japanese tea house styled pavilion that was original to the camp but no longer exists.




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